Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the activities, property and affairs of the Junior League of Dallas (JLD), emphasising strategic and proactive leadership. The Board sets and revises governing policies and ensures the alignment of the JLD mission and vision at all levels of the organization through policy administration, financial management, strategic planning, operational continuity and public relations.

President: Julie Bagley
President-Elect: Meredith Mosley
Administrative VP: Kyle Huckaby
Communications VP: Amber Zable
Community VP: Nikki Webb
Development VP: Jennifer Scripps
Financial VP: Alicia Hall
Membership VP: Michelle Slaughter
Signature Projects VP: Brooke Bailey
Strategy VP: Dana Ayres
Recording Secretary: Stuart Newsome
Training VP: Sarah Morgan
Sustaining Advisor: Meredith Camp

 Leadership Council  

The Leadership Council implements the programs and policies of the Junior League of Dallas. These leaders and their committees govern their respective responsibilities within the policies set by the Board.

Strategic Plan Executive Sponsors
Bonner Allen, Jennifer Tobin, Jennifer Trulock

Committee Chairs
 Beverly Cahill 
Brand Strategy:
Jennifer Wegman
 Mary Ellen Kendall
Community Outreach:
Jennifer Welden

Creative Arts: Diane Earnest
Diversity: Cynthia Villanueva
Education: Summer Schock
External Communications:
 Emily Hoad
 Shelby Noble
Grants for Innovative Teaching:
 Beth Lloyd
 Sarah Hefton
Internal Communications:
 Kristine Schwope
Kids in the Kitchen:
 Kristin Moore
Luncheon Chair:
Kelley Schadt 

Membership: Kimberly Dean
 Leigh Danley

New Member: Jami Kalmbach
Nominating: Elizabeth Post
 Brandy Patrick
 Theresa Remek
Public Relations:
 Lee Gleiser
Ashlee Weidner
Research and Development:
 Elizabeth Dacus
Research and Planning:
 Amy Martinez
T. Boone Pickens Leadership Institute:
 Andrea Cheek
 Wynne Cunningham

Underwriting: Amy Schisler
Women LEAD:
Carolyn Newham

Issue Coordinators
Arts and Cultural Enrichment: Jill Scigliano
Education: Elizabeth Allen
Family Preservation: Megan Inman
Health: Veronica Roper
Poverty Intervention: Katherine Hendler Fayne
Violence Intervention: Laura Bassett

Ball Chair-Elect: Ashley Allen
Member Engagement: Heather Bonfield 
Sustainer President: Mary Kardell 

Community Advisory Board 

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is comprised of community leaders representing various areas of expertise: health and human services, government, media, business, law and the arts. The CAB provides strategic guidance in assessing community needs and helps communicate the League's purpose and programs to the community at large.

Mr. Joel Allison, FACHE

Mr. Norm Bagwell

Ms. Dolores Barzune

Ms. Paula Blackmon

Chief David Brown

Ms. Gillian Breidenbach

Mr. Brent Christopher

Ms. Patti Clapp

Ms. Cynde Coulson

Ms. Trisha Cunningham

Mr. Scott Flannery

Ms. Noelle LeVeaux

Mr. Scott Murray

Ms. Lauren E. Mutti

Ms. Cynthia Nunn

Mr. Rick Ortiz

Hon. Jeanne L. Phillips

Ms. Holly Reed

Ms. Deedie Rose

Mr. Jim Rose

Mr. David M. Rosenberg

Mr. G. Brint Ryan

Ms. Jennifer Sampson

Ms. Nicole Small

Mr. Jeff Staubach

Ms. Paula Strasser

Ms. Michelle R. Thomas

Ms. Roslyn Dawson Thompson

Mr. Crayton Webb

Ms. Jean M. White

Junior League of Dallas

8003 Inwood Road

Dallas, TX 75209-3399


Office Hours:

Mon - Thur: 8:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Friday:  8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

edited 8/27/2014