In January 1921, the city of Dallas had 160,000 citizens. Women had earned the right to vote only two years earlier. Ten forward thinking women made it their goal to enrich Dallas by founding the 22nd Junior League in the United States. The Junior League of Dallas' 40 Charter members devoted initial attention towards community work focusing on children and the handicapped.

Times have changed, but throughout JLD history we find some recurring themes that are still with us today. The JLD has remained true to its mission, adapting to events in the world around it. League presidents in every decade write of trying to get off the society page and to highlight their work instead. Opportunities and requirements are continually reviewed and revised to prepare the organization for the years and challenges ahead.

You name it, and chances are that in some way, at some time, the Junior League of Dallas has fielded volunteers and/or dispatched funds to help most of Dallas' welfare, civic, educational and cultural organizations. Volunteering millions of hours of service and providing the citizens and agencies of Dallas with intelligent, efficient, trained volunteers, not just "willing hands."

A look through the decades:

1960s - 1980s 
1920s - 1950s

Junior League of Dallas

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