I have agreed to sponsor a new member… What now?

Thank you for contributing to the continued growth and success of the Junior League of Dallas by sponsoring a new member! Please see below for important information about the sponsorship process.

The deadline to sponsor new members for the 2016-2017 Provisional Class has passed. If you sponsored a new member for this year’s class, you should have received a confirmation email with your candidate’s contact information. If you have not received this, please contact us at To learn more about the requirements and steps a New Member must take to join the JLD, please visit our How To Join page or contact us at

Who is Eligible to Sponsor a New Member?

  • Any Active or Sustaining member of the JLD who is not on probation may sponsor one new member each administrative year. This includes part time members and members who are on leave for any reason-as long as they are not on probation.
  • At least one of the candidate’s sponsors must be an Active member (so two can be Sustainers), and any of the three sponsors may serve as lead sponsor.

Sponsoring a New Member – Step by Step

  1. The prospective member must complete the Prospective Member Application which will be available beginning in October. A sponsor will not be able to complete the Intent to Sponsor form unless the prospective member has completed her application.
  2. Upon submitting her application, the prospective member is instructed to notify her lead sponsor and provide her two co-sponsors’ names as well as instructions for the sponsors’ next steps.
  3. Once you have received notification that your prospective member has completed her application, complete the Intent to Sponsor Form online.

Lead Sponsors: Complete the online Intent to Sponsor form which will be available online once applications open. Below are the detailed steps for completing the form:

  1. Select your prospective member’s name from the list provided. *If you do not see her name in the list, she has not yet submitted her application.
  2. Select your co-sponsors from the list provided.
  3. Submit.
  4. As the Lead Sponsor, you and your Prospective Member will receive an email confirming the Intent to Sponsor Form has been submitted.
  5. The co-sponsors will receive an email with instructions on how to “accept” being a co-sponsor.
  6. When the co-sponsors accept being a co-sponsor, you will be notified via email.

Co-Sponsors: The lead sponsor will submit the Intent to Sponsor form on your behalf once your prospective member has completed her application for membership. You will be notified via email once the Intent to Sponsor form has been submitted and you will be asked to accept the sponsorship. You will receive a confirmation via email once you’ve accepted your sponsorship.

Sponsor Pool: Any prospective member who lacks three sponsors may request assistance from the JLD Sponsor Pool (she will do this in her membership application). Lead sponsors will be able to request Sponsor Pool assistance on behalf of their prospective member when completing the Intent to Sponsor form.

***The New Member Committee asks that before requesting assistance from the Sponsor Pool a candidate and her lead sponsor (if applicable) diligently seek out sponsors through their networks which may include their circle of friends, workplace, place of worship, other charitable or professional organizations, social media networks, and more. Please advocate for your prospective member by helping her secure co-sponsors.  There are over 5,000 JLD members in the DFW area so ask around!