• When do I get my scan card?  Your first SGA meeting.
  • What is attire for Junior League meetings?  People typically attend meetings in what they have worn that day.  You will see everything from suits to jeans.  Be comfortable, but please be respectful.
  • When do I get my login? You will use the same login as when you filled out your candidate profile. If you have forgotten it, you may reset it at members.jld.net
  • How many Provisionals are there?  About 500.
  • If I have questions, who should I direct them to? provisional@jld.net



  • Attend one (1) May Introduction Meeting: Provisional Intro Meetings are slated for May 11th and May 23rd at 7 p.m. at JLD HQ
  • Attend four (4) of seven (7) Provisional Course Meetings (“PCMs”)
  • Attend four (4) General Membership Meetings (“GMMs”)
    • Community Service Fair can count as one
  • Attend three (3) Small Group Meetings (“SGAs”) and one (1) Small Group Celebration
    • Meetings in September, October & January
    • Small Group Celebration in August
  • OPTIONAL: Provisional Retreat
    • Sign-up opens in June


  • Complete one (1) 20-hour Provisional Project
    • August thru April
    • Sign-up opens in June
  • Participate in one (1) Community Bus Tour
    • Sign-up opens in June
  • Complete one (1) In-League Service or Fund Development Shift
    • Sign-up ongoing throughout year

Pay All Fees (at May Meeting)

  • Annual Dues: $256
  • Provisional Fees: $100*
  • Bus Tour Fee: $10
  • Small Group Fee: $15

*Your application fee will roll into your Provisional Fees, so only $75 will be due in May.