Have you recently moved to Dallas? Interested in transferring your Junior League membership from your former League to the Junior League of Dallas? The Junior League has a long history in the Dallas community for training volunteers, developing women, and improving the community. The Junior League of Dallas raises funds to build and sustain the nonprofit agencies we partner with each year. Annually, the Junior League of Dallas donates nearly $1 million and 120,000 volunteer hours to these agencies.

In order to transfer your membership you must contact your current League and ask them to transfer your membership to the Junior League of Dallas via the AJLI (Association of Junior Leagues International) e-Transfer system.

Please provide them with the following information:

• Name, local Dallas address and phone number
• Email address
• AJLI number
• Your current status (i.e. Active, Provisional, Sustainer)

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot initiate a transfer without a local address and your AJLI number. Transfer requests are processed through the AJLI online system. You will receive an email confirmation from AJLI that your transfer has been processed. Once your transfer is either initiated or approved by the transferring League, the Junior League of Dallas (JLD) will mail you a transfer packet from the Junior League of Dallas (JLD). The forms in this packet must be returned, along with the transfer fee and any required dues before your transfer is considered finalized by the JLD.

Transfer Dues and Fees
Transfer is received:
For Actives and Provisionals

between April 1 and September 30             $256 dues + $30 fee
between October 1 and December 31             $128 dues + $30 fee
between January 1 and March 31             $0 dues + $30 fee

For Sustainers

between April 1 and September 30          $131 dues + $30 fee
between October 1 and December 31          $65.50 + $30 fee
between January 1 and March 31          $0 dues + $30 fee


Transfer Orientation

An Active Transfer must attend one of the following Transfer Orientation Meetings. All meetings are held at JLD headquarters and begin at 7:00 p.m.

Orientation meetings require a reservation. Please login to and select Membership > Transfers to RSVP.

The Transfer Placer will be contacting you to discuss placement opportunities. The number of hours required corresponds to the date your transfer is complete:

between June 1 and September 30       60 hours
between October 1 and December 31       30 hours
between January 1 and May 31         0 hours

If you have questions, contact the Transfer Placer at

An Active Transfer is required to attend the following number of General Membership/Group Meetings. These meetings must be attended in separate months.

Transfer is complete:

between June 1 and September 30       3 meetings
between October 1 and December 31       2 meetings
between January 1 and March 31       1 meeting
between April 1 and May 31       0 meetings

To receive meeting credit, you must arrive within the first 15 minutes and stay until the meeting is dismissed.  Carpooling is suggested for all General Membership Meetings.

The Provisional Class for the 2015-2016 year is now closed.  You will be considered a Provisional-In-Holding until June 1, 2016. If you have any questions, you may call the Administrative Associate voicemail at 214-357-8822, ext. 102 or send an email to  Please leave your name, phone number and mailing address and we will add you to our mailing list and send you information on the 2016-2017 Provisional Course when it becomes available.

Sustainers are not required to attend transfer orientations, meetings or placements, but can participate in many fun programs, events and activities. Once your transfer is complete, we will forward your information to the Sustainer Membership Chair so that someone may contact you. For information on specific Sustainer events check the Sustainer pages in your InSight publication or contact Celia Hall at