Board of Directors


The Board of Directors manages the activities, property and affairs of the Junior League of Dallas (JLD), emphasizing strategic and proactive leadership. The Board sets and revises governing policies and ensures the alignment of the JLD mission and vision at all levels of the organization through policy administration, financial management, strategic planning, operational continuity and public relations.


Leadership Council

The Leadership Council implements the programs and policies of the Junior League of Dallas. These leaders and their committees govern their respective responsibilities within the policies set by the Board.


Auction: Brenda Bailey Latman
Donor Development: Heather LeClair
Donor Development Chair-Elect: Heather McNamara
Brand Strategy: Kristen Shear
Bylaws: Stephanie Culpepper
Centennial: Andrea Cheek
Community Advisory Board: Jessica Boghetich
Community Outreach: Leslie Mba
Diversity: Renita Smith
Education: Zakiyah Johnson
Executive Sponsors: Bianca Hernandez (Comm/Tech), Natalie Lesikar (Development), Amber Givens-Davis (Diversity/Inclusion), Emily Somerville-Cabrera (Membership/Culture), and Beth Lloyd (League Impact)
External Communications: Charlee Russell
Finance: Claire Williams
Grants for Innovative Teaching: Lara Bubalo Manor
Headquarters: Lauren Conway
Internal Communications: Nikki Canga
Kids in the Kitchen: Laura Bassett
Luncheon Chairs: Allison Eagan
Luncheon Chair-Elect: Erin Pope
Membership: Kit Charavda
Member Engagement: Jennifer Goebel
New Member: Katie German
Nominating: Heather Roberts
Placement: Elizabeth Buske
Provisional: Page Pustmueller
Public Relations: Valerie Maniscalco
Recognition: Lauren Combest
Research and Development: Wynne Cunningham
Research and Planning: Rhonda Williams
Special Events: Chelsea Hudson
Sustainer President: Ellen Bryant
T. Boone Pickens Leadership Institute: Vanessa Fuquay
Technology: Ashley Hathaway
Transfer: Carrie Hill
Underwriting: Tamara Boozell
Women LEAD: Audrey Cho
Issue Coordinators: Lindsay Davis (Arts and Cultural Enrichment), Terah Moxley (Education), Amy Mueller (Family Preservation), Katherine Hoak (Health), Angela Walker (Poverty Intervention), and Aparna Pillay (Violence Intervention)



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