Centennial Endowment Fund Donors

Thank you for your generous donations!


Luminary ($1,000,000 and up)
Rita Crocker Clements Foundation
Lyda Hill

Visionary ($500,000 and up)
Sarah Losinger
Margot Perot

Pioneer ($250,000 and up)
Scovell Family Foundation
The George & Fay Young Foundation

Innovator ($150,000 and up)
Trailblazer ($100,000 and up)
Paula Meredith Mosle

Beacon ($50,000 and up)
A.L. Chilton Foundation/Patti Brown and Bonnie Harding
H-E-B/Central Market
Norma Knobel Hunt
Meadows Foundation
Beth & Chuck Thoele

Leader ($25,000 and up)
Dianne & Jack Adleta
Linda P. & William A. Custard
Margo & Bill Goodwin, in honor of Lyda Hill
Louise & Guy Griffeth, in memory of Mary John and Ralph Spence
Carol & Bill Huckin
Laura & John Losinger
Luther King Capital Management
Lydia Novakov and Isabell Novakov Higginbotham
Deedie Potter Rose
Dee Collins Torbert
Kimberly J. Yamanouchi, MD & James R. Sackett, MD, in memory of Dorothy Seid Yamanouchi and Haruto Wilfred ‘Wil’ Yamanouchi

Mentor ($10,000 and up)
Peggy Allison, in honor of Lyda Hill
Anonymous, in honor of Debbie Scripps
Cynthia W. Beecherl
Mrs. William O. Braecklein
Peggy Anderson Carr and Catherine Carr Worley, in honor of Lyda Hill
Elizabeth F. Dacus
Rue & Tuck Henry
Jennifer & Kevin Kirksey
Betty & John Martin
Lynn & Allan McBee, in honor of Lyda Hill
Becky & Bob McCamey
Paige McDaniel
Susan McSherry-Atwell
Ellen & John McStay
Meredith Mosley
Jan & Marc Myers
Kate & Keith Newman, in honor of Christina Norris
Christina & Tim Norris
Nancy O’Neil
Connie O’Neill
Pam & Vin Perella
Jane Harrell Pierce, in memory of Chick Pierce and in honor of Lyda Hill
Caren H. Prothro
Mary Stewart & Jim Ramsey
The Sapphire Foundation
Nancy Wynne Saustad
Debbie & Ric Scripps
Meredith & Jack Woodworth

Builder ($5,000 and up)
Anonymous, honoring Lyda Hill and Margo Goodwin
The Baldridge Foundation
Charlotte & Fred Ball
Jill C. Bee
Genie H. Bentley
Cordelia Boone
Mary Brinegar, in honor of those working on JLD Centennial Endowment Foundation
Andrea & Heath Cheek
Lori Doran Christensen
Claire Emanuelson, in honor of Margo Goodwin
Patti Flowers
Margie Mallett Francis, in honor of Margo Goodwin
Beverly Kelso Freeman
Sally Thomas Hanna
Kathy & Larry Helm
Mimi Huey
Gladys Waldrop Kolenovsky, in honor of Lyda Hill and Peggy Allison
Bob & Janis Lamoreaux
Lila & Schuyler Marshall
Gwen Shook Mason
Susie and Sandy McDonough, in thanksgiving for Waco and Dallas Junior Leagues
Carol & Patrick McEvoy
Dian Moore
Debbie & Nicky Oates, in honor of Lyda Hill, Margo Goodwin and Andrea Cheek
Gail Olmsted Randall and Betty Olmsted Taylor
Patricia Glorig Schiff
Linda M. Secrest
Karen & David Shuford
Nancy Perkins Shutt
Karen & David Shuttee
Nancy & Jim Skochdopole
Betty DeJon Slaven
Janet Kerr Smith
Debbie & Don Snell, in honor of Connie O’Neill
Bill & Gay Solomon
Craig and Deborah Ethridge Sutton
Texas Instruments Foundation
Marilyn & Ben Weber
Kay Weeks

Supporter ($1,000 and up)
Bonner Allen
Sandy Ammons
Anonymous, in honor of Margo Goodwin
Sherri Baer-Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Barlow
Kay & Rick Barry
Cyndi & Mark Bassel, in honor of Margo Goodwin and Lyda Hill
Dr. & Mrs. Colin S. Bell
Gertrude Slater Best, in honor of Betsy and Sissy Cullum
Between the Covers Book Club, a Sustainer Book Club
Lynn Biggers
Bluebonnet Garden Club
Jeanne Whitman Bobbitt
Marla & Michael Boone
Becky Bright, in honor of Lyda Hill
Ann H. Brown, in honor of Margo Goodwin
Diane Bumpas
Kathy & Rick Burnett, in honor of Lyda Hill and Margo Goodwin
Shannon Wilson Callewart
Susan & Vance Campbell
Christie Gayden Carter
Clare Buie Chaney, in memory of Peggy Liddle
Nancy Chapman, in honor of Margo Goodwin
Monica & Brent Christopher
Gail Beasley Clark
Mrs. James S. Cochran (Julie Frost)
Janis Coffee
Lynn Gardner Collins
Rita Conway
Betsy Cullum
Sissy Cullum, in honor of Debbie Scripps and in memory of Betty Aldridge Slater
Paula & Luke Davis
Claire Dewar
Jana & Bob Dransfield
Judy Dunn
Nancy Dean Egan
Junior & Ed Esquivel
Sandra Estess
Linda Evans
Marion P. Exall, in memory of Dee Collins Torbert
Judy & Hugh Ferguson, in honor of Mary Ann Denton
Susan & Warren Foxworth
Suzanne Gaberino
Sara Lee & Stan Gardner
Judy Burch Gass
Sharon & David Gleeson
Stephanie & Bob Goodwin
Prissy Gravely
Diana & Rick Gump
Sara Hallam
Randi & Ed Halsell
Tania Hardage
Susan Smith Hardie
Nancy & Howell Harralson
Kay & Steve Head
Helen Holman
Sally Holmes
Kristi Hoyl
Jolie D. Humphrey, in memory of Miriam B. Humphrey
Suzanne & Jim Johnston
Ann Francis Jury
Kathy McIlyar Kelley
Laura & Guy Kellogg
Deanie Fulton Kepler
Cindy & Guy Kerr
Matrice Ellis-Kirk & Ron Kirk, in honor of Christa Brown Sanford
Melody & Allison Kramer, in memory of Dorothy Seid and Haruto Wilfred Yamanouchi and in honor of Kimberly Yamanouchi & James Sackett
Valerie Lawlor
Anne Pryser Leary
Schatzie & George Lee, in memory of Marion Lege Henderson
Veletta Forsythe Lill
Lisa & George Longino
Sara T. Martineau
Wendy & Butch McCaslin
Jill Roberts McClung
Linda B. McFarland, in memory of Ruth Altshuler
Janie & Cappie McGarr
Carmen Crews McCracken McMillan, in honor of Jane Harrell Pierce
Sally & Ted McPherson
Wendy & Boyd Messmann
Becky Meyer
Suzanne & Rhett Miller
Elizabeth Mills, in honor of Margo Goodwin
Anne Monning, in memory of Dr. Ruth I. Allen, JLD Advisory Board Member
Cathy & George Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Will Mundinger
Elise and Marynell Murphy
Anne Bigger Nixon, in honor of Margo Goodwin
Elizabeth F. Norwood
Susan Nowlin, in memory of Ruth Altshuler
Becky & Ron Odlozil
Mr. & Mrs. James VanHorn Oliver, in memory of Marion Martin
Carolyn B. Peck
The Honorable Jeanne Johnson Phillips
Mary Martha Johnston Pickens
Louis, Lou Ann and Melissa Poynter Family Foundation
Kim Quinn
Jeff & Darrel Rice
Debby Robinson
Mrs. James G. Saalfield, in honor of Shannon Thompson and Sarah Stallings
Liz Schoenvogel
Carol Paris Seay, in honor of Nancy Seay
Chari L. Singleton
Linda Danielson Slaughter
Marilyn Smith, in honor of Margo Goodwin and in memory of Mary Frances Yancey
Joan L. Stansbury
Carol P. Storey, in honor of Lydia Novakov
Venise Stuart
Ginny Wetherill Swann, in honor of Lyda Hill
The Blanche Mary Taxis Foundation
Roslyn Dawson Thompson
Kay True
Carol & Gary Utkov
Joan Walne
Dr. Gary & Wanda Webb
Dorothy T. Weil
Candace & John Winslow, in honor of Margo Goodwin and Connie O’Neill
Cynthia & Kirk Woodall, in memory of Ruth Sharp Altshuler and Dee Collins Torbert
Jan Mills Worrall

Friend ($999 and under)
Lynn Ferguson Abbott
Lindalyn Adams, in honor of Lyda Hill
Nancy Allen
Gayle Herndon Allison
Lana Andrews
Julie & Scott Bagley
Sue Bailey, in honor of Louise Griffeth
Betty Baird
Jan and Barry Baldwin
Barbara Barton
Deborah Lowman Begert
Georgia Sue Black
Lynn Boyer
Johnetta A. Burke, in honor of Betty S. Morgan
Joan Hudson Clark
Penny Cook
Harriet & Ralph Cousins
Sally & Tom Dunning
Joan L. Eleazer
The Eulich Family Foundation
Ellen Hunt Flowers
Margot H. Gill
Nancy Gopez
Susybelle Lyons Gosslee
Gerry Hudnall
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. Hunt
Nell Anne Hunt, in honor of Margot Reid
Kathy & John Jackson
Marietta Scurry Johnson
Lisa Loy Laughlin
DeeDee Lee
Beverly Smith Lide
Gail Madden
Joan McKnight McIlyar
Patricia B. Meadows
Peggy Black Meyer
Eula Lee Miller
Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mardi Myers
Carol A. Nichols
Marisa & Dan Partin
Pat Prestidge
Diane Priddy, in memory of Kathryn Amsler Priddy
Susan Roberds
Barbara N. Schlachter
Lynn Sears
Donna Small
Ann S. Smith
Drew Bass Stull
Emily Summers
Lindsley Swenson
Byrd Teague, in honor of Lyda Hill
Sissy Thompson
Jennifer & Aaron Tobin
Mrs.  Easley B. Waggoner (Jan), in memory of Mescal (Mickie) & Addsion G. Wilson, Jr.
Marion Rhett Walters
Day G. Watson
Missy Wilson
Laurie Teeple Wright
Peggy Zadina