95th Anniversary


The Junior League of Dallas is celebrating 95 years of dedication and devotion. This milestone achievement commemorates our agencies, and, above all, our committed membership.

Since 1922, JLD has played a pivotal role in shaping the Dallas community by training women in volunteerism and leadership. It has grown from 40 members supporting three agencies, to over 5,000 members and sustainers supporting nearly 50 agencies today.

For nearly a century, JLD has been committed to our community by equipping women to address its critical needs. It’s because of the ongoing collaboration with non-profit organizations and exposure to the needs of Dallas that our members are able to be catalysts for positive change in the metroplex.

95/95 Campaign

Support JLD through its 95×95 Campaign! By giving $95, you are helping The Junior League of Dallas provide critical resources to several non-profits in the Dallas community. Those who donate will be recognized by JLD and put into the following giving circles:

□ $95 Circle 95
□ $96-$1,949 Partner Circle
□ $1,950 Anniversary Circle
□ $1,951-$4,999 Champion Circle
□ $5,000-$9,999 Leader Circle
□ $10,000+ Visionary Circle

Click here to donate! 

You can make this gift go even further by contributing on North Texas Giving Day on Sept. 22.

Questions? Contact Leigh Danley at campaignchair@jld.net.