95th Anniversary


The Junior League of Dallas is celebrating 95 years of dedication and devotion. This milestone achievement commemorates our agencies, and, above all, our committed membership.

Since 1922, JLD has played a pivotal role in shaping the Dallas community by training women in volunteerism and leadership. It has grown from 40 members supporting three agencies, to over 5,000 members and sustainers supporting nearly 50 agencies today.

For nearly a century, JLD has been committed to our community by equipping women to address its critical needs. It’s because of the ongoing collaboration with non-profit organizations and exposure to the needs of Dallas that our members are able to be catalysts for positive change in the metroplex.

History of JLD

To find out more about the JLD’s long standing impact on the community, click here to read about our history over the decades.

95/95 Campaign Pledges

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Support JLD through its 95×95 Campaign! By giving $95, you are helping The Junior League of Dallas provide critical resources to several non-profits in the Dallas community. Those who donate will be recognized by JLD and put into the following giving circles:

□ $95 Circle 95
□ $96-$1,949 Partner Circle
□ $1,950 Anniversary Circle
□ $1,951-$4,999 Champion Circle
□ $5,000-$9,999 Leader Circle
□ $10,000+ Visionary Circle

Questions? Contact Leigh Danley at campaignchair@jld.net.

Are you a JLD Provisional, Member or Sustainer and would like to volunteer at the 95th Community Event or 95th Anniversary Party? Junior League members are welcome to help volunteer at these memorable and impactful occasions by clicking the above link to sign up for a volunteer shift.

Thanks to the following participants in the 95×95 Campaign!

(List as of March 12, 2017)

Leader Circle ($5,000 – $9,999)

Jones Day
T.C. Lupton, Jr. Family Foundation
Eric and Katherine Reeves
Scovell Family Foundation

Champion Circle ($1,951 – $4,999)

 Linda Secrest

Anniversary Circle ($1950)

 Mitch and Kay Gray Gilbert


Partner Circle ($96 – $1,949)

List as of 3.12.17                           *Completed 95 volunteer service hours as of 4.10.17

Caryl Aberle
Fatema Ali
Linda Altick
Sandy Ammons
Kim Askew
Deidre Bacala
Julia Bacon
Brooke Bailey
Caroline Baliker
Melanie Batdorf
Heather Bennett*
Jamie Bergner
Jessica Boghetich
Laurie Grace Bouldin
Amanda Boylan
David and Heather Brasher
Melissa Brunger
Robert and Elizabeth Buchanan
Michele Cassel
Sarah E. Campbell
Melody Chambers
Cal and Clare Buie Chaney, Ph. D.
Natalie Chavez
Karolyne Cheng
Lynette Christensen
Krista Christian
Julie Church
Leslie Clampitt
Anne Schoellkopf Coke
Melissa E. Cooksey*
Harriet Cousins
Mary Anne Cree
Barbara Crow
Julie Crowley
Sally Grayson Cullum
Tanya Cummings
Wynne McNabb Cunningham*
Peggy Dear
Stephanie Decker
Jacqueline Diaz
Lizzie Dickerson
Barbara Dorff
Junior Esquivel
Express Booksellers

Regen Fearon
Katharine Felder
Jane Fitch
Toni Fort
Diane Frank
Beverly Freeman
Nancy Gabel
Eric and Elizabeth Gambrell
Holly Gatton
Amy Ghormley
Margot H. Gill
Lois Glasgow
Wendy Goldman
Bill and Margo Goodwin
Louise and Guy Griffeth
Frances Grigsby
Gina Grove-Smith
Sally Hanna
Danny and Stephanie Hardeman
Andi Harrill*
JB Hayes
Natalie Hendricks
Caroline Hightower
Carrie Hill
Hollee Hirzel
Emily Hoad*
Stephanie Holan, Esq.
Stephen and Bethany Holloway
Garnett C. Holmes
Anne Howard
Phillip and Lynne Huber
Kyle Huckaby
Cathey Humphreys
Ashley Hyde
Sarah Jackson
Denise Jernigan
Sharon C. Jett
J. David and Carla Joiner
Raymond and Courtney Kieffer
Justin and Jennifer Kling
Mike and Jennifer Knapek
Linda Lancaster
Sara McArthur
Marguerite McClinton*
Kate McCoy*
Gregg and Elisabeth McHugh*

Travis and Claire McLeod
Bill and Heather McNamara*
Jodi McShan*
Corbin and Allison Methvin
Lauren Miller
Minyard Founders Foundation
Angela Nash
Dana Near
Carolyn A. Newham
Tracie Papadakis
Matson and Margaret Pearce
Kittye Peeler*
Blair Perkins
Charles C. and Jane H. Pierce, Jr.
Jan Pritchett
Caren H. Prothro
Jennifer Rackley
Tom and Suzy Rhodes
Jeff and Darrel Rice
Christy C. Riddle, M.D.
Nancy Riddle
Donza Rogers
Ketric and Christa Sanford*
Adriana Scarcella
Amy Schisler
Summer Schock
Robin Self
Lindsey Simmons*
Monica Egert Smith
Brenda and Melissa White Smulyan
Cheryl Stephens
Susan Stretesky
Sustainer Interest Group
Lara Tafel
Betty Olmstead Taylor
The Gioldasis Family
Roslyn Dawson Thompson
Carolyn Tilley
Julia Tucker-Huth
Kanene Ubesie, M.D.
Jennifer Walkingstick
Jennifer Wegman
Jennifer Wells
Carey Wilding
Angela Zashin
Jenny Zimmerly
Elisabeth Zuerker*

$95 Circle 95 

List as of 3.12.17

 *Completed 95 volunteer service hours
as of 4.10.17

Eileen Aguilar
Michelle Alden
LaToya Alexander
Elizabeth Allen*
Bonner Allen*
Ashley Allen
Stephanie Alston
Kay Anderson
Mary Kate Aston
Tamra Badgett
Scott and Julie Bagley
Maura Bailey
Olivia Barnefield
Dr. and Mrs. Fritz Engel Barton, Jr.
Catherine Bass
Amy Bezdek*
Jennifer Bilhartz
Ashley Blanchette
Sarah Blomfield
Sarah Boehland
Justine Bogott
Heather Bonfield
Tillie Borchers
Summer Bosch
Catherine Brady
Ashley Brazell
Ashly Bright
Kelsey Brock
Kelsey Brockman
Cara Bryant
Tricia Buchheit
Mackenzie Bulloch
Gina Hebner Burau
Sarah Burns*
Adrianne Burns
Carrie Burton
Callie Butterworth
Craig and Shannon Callewart
Peggy Carr
Christina Carroll
Julie Carter
Veronica Roper Cartwright
Alissa Castro
Deborah Cassen
Charlotte Caudill
Bennett Wilson Cervin
Kirtna Charavda
Andrea Cheek*
Genesis Chiessa
Jackie Clews-Connors*
Caroline Coffing
Lauren Combest*
Lauren Conway*
Maria Cross
Courtney Curley
Kate Daniels
Leigh Danley*
Machelle Wilson Davenport
Kiersten Davis
Lindsay Davis*

Kimberly Dean*
Stephanie Dolan
Bob and Jana Dransfield
Haley Dugas
George and Sally Dutter, Jr.
Christina Echeverria
Jennifer Eells
Jessica Eller
Patti Elliott
Masae Ellis
Katherine Fayne
Katharine Fife
Taylor Fisher
Meredith Flanigan
Sara Fredericks*
Rachel Freeman
Amanda Fuller
Margaret Gall
Nicole Gallagher
Diane Gaskins
Caroline Gayler
Sharilyn Getz
Courtney Gilberg
Kristina Gilliard
Caitlin Goheen
Katherine Golden
Becky Gomez*
Gigi Goodall
Jessica Gray
Rosann Gutman
Courtney Haeflinger
Alicia Hall
Rwan Hardesty
Sarah Harper
Meghan Hatcher
Susan Hawkins
Bettina Hennessy
Courtney Hensel
Bianca Hernandez
Theresa Hill
Suzette Hinds
Rebecca Hobson
Leslie Hocker
Ashley Howland
Susan Hubbell
Stephanie Keller Hudiburg
Eileen Hudnall
Holly H. Huffines
Anna Hwang
Patricia Hyde
Heidi Imhof
Courtney Stansbury Johnson
Kendra Johnson-Pratt
Cliff and Ann Frances Jury
Amanda Kalescky*
Meredith Keegan
Ashton Keller
Erin Wolff Kent
Elizabeth Kirby
Sarah Klein
Robin Aldredge Kraase
Brandon and Kylie Kulwicki
Megan LaDriere
Kate Landrum
Caytie Langford*

Lisa Laughlin
Jennifer Lavelle
Val Lawlor
LouAnn Lentini
Natalie Lesikar*
Whitney Fogle Lewis
Beverly Y. Lightbourn
Emily Lilly
Beth Lloyd*
Laurel Looney
Tiffany Lum
Eliza Macdonald
Jill Magnuson
Valerie Maniscalco
Lauren Mann
Lindsey Martin
Meagan Martin
Lesley Martinelli
Mary Kay Inc.
Mary Kay Inc.
Megan Mattingly
Barbara McDermott
Hattie McLaughlin
Caitlyn McNair
Marianne Mead
Dulari Mehta
Madolyn Mertz
Jessica Metts*
Peggy Meyer
Jennifer Mills
Mary Lee Miller
Beth Minton
Kara Moriearty
Regina Morris
Terah Moxley*
Dr. and Mrs. John L. Murad
Kim Murphy
Marc and Jan Myers
Allison Mynard
Nida Nadir
Shivani Naidoo
Kate Newman
Diana Newton
Tamsyn Neyland
Tim and Christina Norris
Julie Nunez
Meagan Parks
Marisa Partin*
Michelle Pellicone
Shivangi Pokharel Perkins*
Rhys Peterson
Rachael Peto
Claire Pfaff
Emily Phillips
Jeanne Phillips
Ellen Pieper
John and Elizabeth Pierce*
Lauren Pijut
Ashley Pitts
Megan Polito
Rachel Pritchard
Michelle Prudhomme-Coleman
Page Pustmueller
Linda L. Quisenberry
Alyson Ray

Sally Reilly
Grady and Katie Reynolds
Michele Reynolds
Valerie Rhomberg
Pamela Riddle
Lindsay Bomar Roa
Brooksie Roberts
Kristy Rorschach
Leslie McCombs Roussev
Susan Rucks
Charlee Russell
Ashley Sadlon
Rachel Savant
Lauren Sawyer*
Jennifer Scripps
Murphey Sears
Stephanie Seay
Doug and Elizabeth Selzer
Katherine Sharp
Ann Shaw
Jessica A. Shaw
Lauren Shepherd
Michael and Michelle Slaughter
Katherine Sluder
Shannon Smith
Victoria Steible
Tracy Steiner*
Whitney Strittmatter
Heidi Sturdevant
Julie Summerville
Julie Susman
Ginny Wetherill Swann
Kathy Szywala
Anita Tarar
Amy Taylor
Townley Teso
Simone Thomas
Jessica Thompson
Carolyn Thompson
Lucina Thompson
Jasmine Tobias
Aaron and Jennifer Tobin*
Cindy Tonnessen
Jennifer Trulock
Kendall Tucker
Amy Van Valkenburg
Sophie Vickers
Victims Outreach
Dee Wallander
Bonnie Weikel
Elizabeth Wellborn
Christal Whelchel
Kristin Whittenberg
Melissa Wickham*
Cammy Williams
Mari Williams
Jennifer Wilson
Jordan Wondrack
Lauren Woodward
Vicki Yung
Mark and Amber Zable
Christy Zegub*


List as of 3.12.17                   *Completed 95 volunteer service hours as of 4.10.17

AIB, Inc.
Randy Mock and Claire Anderson
Clare Andros
Pham Bailey
Lindsay Barbee
Zachary Bartush
Leah Beard
Jessica Berend
Margaret Kathryn Boehme
Brett and Elizabeth Buske*
Elizabeth F. Dacus
Nikki Daniel
Indrani DasGupta
Nicki Davis
Lara Davis
Lindsay Davis
Elizabeth Drewes
Elizabeth Drewes
Kathryn Duncan
Paige Dungan
Roger and Shannon Fisher
Megan Fisher
A. Aïda Fromknecht
Shanha Goodwyn
Sarah Groves
Bekah Harger
Reva Knight Henderson
Racheal Hill
Megan Inman*
Kylonnie Jackson
Laura Johnson
Angela Kazmierski
Suzanne Kelinske
Mary Ellen Kendall
Michael and Robin Kraase
Amanda Kraft
Bat Lanyard
Heather L. Lorch*
Michelle Mahan
Nicole Mangum
Lara Bubalo Manor
Carol Y. Marvin
Paige McDaniel
Meg McMills
Patsy Yung Micale
Mary Lee Miller
Heather Moore
Kelly Morton*
Sally Ann Moyer
David and Jenna Newland
Stuart Newsome
Gregory Nieberding
Michael and Julie Nunez
Alexandra O’Hara
Mike and Becky Park
Faith Anne Pitts
Kelly Purdom
Amber Quisenberry
Pamela Tyll Radiŝek
Ja’zsi Robinson
Wintress Ross
Jill Scigliano
Kevin Scott
John H Selzer
Kesli Shepherd
Jamie Shroyer
Linda D. Slaughter
Shad and Alexa Spears
Megan Stein
Kert Surface
Catherine Susie
Katie Thomas
Christy Thompson
Angela Walker*
Jennifer Welden
Laura Whitley
Brittny Williams
Alexandria Williams
Miranda Wilson

95 Hours

 Hours completed as of 4.10.17
Lindsay Abernethy
Amy Agnew
Lisa Anderson
Jessica Anderson
Jessica Baxter
Miranda Bond
Stephanie Brandt
April Brickley
Claire Collins
Krystle Craycraft
Jamika Doakes
Rebecca Dodson-Pinkus
Elizabeth Etier
Teresa Fishman
Jessica Garner
Laura Gazette
Jonet Gonzales
Carla Gourley
Frances Green
Kara Halbert
Shannon Hanberry
Danica Hershberger
Kelsey Hooten
Chelsea Hudson
Meghan Jahr
Summer JohnKristina Kelley
Laura Ann Kidd
Finley Konrade

Amanda LeBlanc
Crystal Lightbody
Sarah Lowder
Amy Martinez
Caroline Maxwell
Elisabeth McHugh
Erin McKie
Kristi Miller
Natalie Moon
Amy Mueller
Somelea Neville
Brandy Patrick
Courtney Peeler
Megan Pharis
Lyndsay Pleas
Brandi Polder
Stayce Randle
Theresa Remek
Kristel Richards
Christina Rossini
Erin Seeds
Cody Simpson
Emily Somerville-Cabrera
Leslie Toomay
Jourdy Wallace
Kandice White
Kirsten Williams
Kate Wood
Christi Young