95th Anniversary


The Junior League of Dallas is celebrating 95 years of dedication and devotion. This milestone achievement commemorates our agencies, and, above all, our committed membership.

Since 1922, JLD has played a pivotal role in shaping the Dallas community by training women in volunteerism and leadership. It has grown from 40 members supporting three agencies, to over 5,000 members and sustainers supporting nearly 50 agencies today.

For nearly a century, JLD has been committed to our community by equipping women to address its critical needs. It’s because of the ongoing collaboration with non-profit organizations and exposure to the needs of Dallas that our members are able to be catalysts for positive change in the metroplex.

95/95 Campaign – Click here to donate!

Support JLD through its 95×95 Campaign! By giving $95, you are helping The Junior League of Dallas provide critical resources to several non-profits in the Dallas community. Those who donate will be recognized by JLD and put into the following giving circles:

□ $95 Circle 95
□ $96-$1,949 Partner Circle
□ $1,950 Anniversary Circle
□ $1,951-$4,999 Champion Circle
□ $5,000-$9,999 Leader Circle
□ $10,000+ Visionary Circle

Questions? Contact Leigh Danley at campaignchair@jld.net.

Thanks to the following participants in the 95×95 Campaign!


$95 & 95 Hours

Michelle Alden
Tabitha Bailey
Allyson Bohannon
Lindsay Bomar
Heather Bonfield
Aleshea Carriere
Leslie Clampitt
Megan Culp
Haley Dugas
Nicole Gallagher
Karolyne Garner
Mandi Giles
Becky Gomez
Gigi Goodall
Jessica Gray
Shannon Hanberry
Liz Helfrich
Ashleigh Chiaviello Johnson
K’lea Hackmeyer
Kailey Latteri
Laurel Looney
Lindsey Martin
Amy Martinez
Kara Moriearty
Laura Orr
Megan Polito
Mickey Rayford
Desiree Rogers
Wintress Ross
Leslie Roussev
Ashley Sadlon
Kristin Smith
Susan Stretesky
Sara Wadlington
Elizabeth Wellborn
Bonner Allen
Elizabeth Allen
Heather Bennett
LaurieGrace Bouldin
Sarah Burns
Elizabeth Buske
Christina Carroll
Melody Chambers
Jackie Clews-Connors
Lauren Conway
Melissa Cooksey
Leigh Danley
Masae Ellis
Christina Eubanks
LaWanda N. Evans
Stephanie Fenniri
Mary Gall
Shanha Goodwyn
Anna Grueber
Brittany Guest
Alicia Hall
Rwan Hardesty
Theresa Hill
Emily Hoad
Anna Hwang
Ashton Keller
Zain Lakhani
Caytie Langford
Jen Lavelle
Heather LeClair
Natalie Lesikar
Crystal Lightbody
Beth Lloyd
Megan E. Mantas
Melissa Martin
Kate McCoy
Jodi McShan
Dulari Mehta
Jessica Metts
Natalie Moon
Tamsyn Neyland
Megan Pharis
Elizabeth Pierce
Shivangi Pokharel
Tiffany Pratt
Erin Ray
Pamela Riddle
Cherisee Rodriguez
Kimberly Sawyer
Emily Schultz
Elisha Scott
Jessica Shaw
Lindsey Simmons
Emily Somerville-Cabrera
Courtney Stansbury
Kezia Stegemoeller
Tracy Steiner
Cordelia Tullous
Kanene Ubesie
Nikki Vaghela
Jourdy Wallace
Melissa Wickham
Brandi Billings-Wilkerson
Jennifer Wilson
Elisabeth Zuerker