T. Boone Pickens Leadership Institute

The T. Boone Pickens Leadership Institute is a program designed to provide training to our members on identifying and building strengths, enhancing leadership skills, developing relationships to help prepare members for leadership service within the Dallas community.
Established in 2008 with a generous gift from the T. Boone Pickens Foundation, the program serves to grow the leadership skills of a selected annual class of our members through their participation in a 10-month development and strengths training course.
Today, 358 members have participated in the Leadership Institute and have taken what they have learned to advance their careers, lead for- and nonprofit boards and serve in elected and civic held positions. Graduates of the program leave motivated to impact the Dallas community and equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to bring positive and effective change.

Applications for the 2020 – 2021 Institute are now closed.


2019-2020 T. Boone Pickens Leadership Class:
Amy Agnew
Monet Ball
Megan Bedera
Elizabeth Brush
Patricia Buchheit
Elizabeth Buske
Claire Catrino
Stephanie Chapa
Ashley Early
Heidi Edgar
Elissa Ewers
Audrey Fry
Hannah Galvan
Megan Gemas
Kristi Herring
Mary Kate Jeffries
Lacy Lawrence
Ashley McCool
Yvette Medina
Jessica Pantano
Sally Ann Rivera
Cristina Salas
Susan Sanchez
Adrienne Santaularia
Susan Stretesky
Ashley Winters

Please contact committee chair, Jessica Pantano at tboonepickens@jld.net with any questions about the T. Boone Pickens Leadership Institute.


Advanced Track Alumnae
The T. Boone Pickens Leadership Institute Advanced Track Alumnae program was created in 2013 for alumnae to connect through breakfast, book club meetings, dinner and community service projects. Members are encouraged to continue their training by attending current T. Boone Pickens Leadership Institute classes and events.

For more information on alumnae events please contact tboonepickens@jld.net.