Transfer Projects

We now offer “Done in Day” projects for Members who have recently transferred their Junior League membership to the JLD. Two projects will be selected through the application process, each with dates of completion in the spring of 2020. Specific dates are subject to agreement between the JLD and the selected agencies. The selected projects should be able to accommodate between 25-40 Members for 6 to 8 hours (including a one-hour lunch break) on a Saturday between February 2022 and April 2022.

Our grant application cycle for our Community Grants, Provisional Projects and Transfer Projects typically opens in March of each year. We offer a Grants Workshop in late February or early March each year.


Please check back soon for a recording of our virtual grant workshop!



  • Offer 6 to 8 hours of concentrated service for each Member
  • Support a minimum of 25 to 40 Members
  • Make an immediate impact to the agency
  • Provide an opportunity for Members to interact with each other and the community
  • Funding Available – up to $1,000


The 2021-2022 Transfer Project Application Process is open until April 19, 2021 at 5 p.m.


To apply, please create a profile.


For more information, please contact Heather Lorch, Transfer Committee Chair, at