Founded in 1922, the Junior League of Dallas, Inc. trains members for effective participation in the community and is dedicated to the belief that volunteer service is an essential part of responsible citizenship.

Junior League Mission Statement

The Junior League of Dallas is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.

Our Members

The membership is a diverse group of more than 5,000 women who annually give more than 130,000 uncompensated hours of service to the projects and agencies supported by the JLD. Active members range in age from 22 to 49, and 74% are employed outside the home. They serve on numerous boards and coalitions throughout the community.

Our Impact

  • Junior League of Dallas members currently serve on 50 community boards and coalitions.
  • The JLD annually grants more than $1 million to support nonprofits in Dallas County, including the 43 agencies in the Community Program, as well as Provisional Projects, Community Outreach Impact projects and the Community Assistance Fund. 
  • JLD T. Boone Pickens Leadership Institute provides a select group of Active and Sustaining members with training on the critical social and community needs in Dallas and is designed to develop and maximize the executive leadership skills with the goal of identifying potential leaders who can make a difference in the Dallas community.
  • JLD Signature Project, Grants for Innovative Teaching, supports excellence in teaching by awarding grants to Dallas Independent School District teachers for unique programs that are not funded by school budgets. The League awarded 43 grants totaling $73,537 to Dallas ISD teachers who will implement these innovative projects in their classrooms.
ajli Our Affiliation
We are affiliated with the Association of Junior Leagues International as one of over 290 member Leagues in the United States, Canada, Mexico and England.

Our History
In January 1921, the city of Dallas had 160,000 citizens. Women had earned the right to vote only two years earlier. Ten forward thinking women made it their goal to enrich Dallas by founding the 22nd Junior League in the United States. The Junior League of Dallas’ 40 Charter members devoted initial attention towards community work focusing on children and the handicapped.

Times have changed, but throughout JLD history we find some recurring themes that are still with us today. The JLD has remained true to its mission, adapting to events in the world around it. League presidents in every decade write of trying to get off the society page and to highlight their work instead. Opportunities and requirements are continually reviewed and revised to prepare the organization for the years and challenges ahead.

You name it, and chances are that in some way, at some time, the Junior League of Dallas has fielded volunteers and/or dispatched funds to help most of Dallas’ welfare, civic, educational and cultural organizations. Volunteering millions of hours of service and providing the citizens and agencies of Dallas with intelligent, efficient, trained volunteers, not just “willing hands.”

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We will provide quality volunteer training to our members that results in supplying volunteers of the highest caliber to the community.

We will work with organizations in which we volunteer to effectively impact the community.

We will enhance members’ fulfillment and commitment by promoting a positive, team-oriented environment and providing meaningful volunteer opportunities.

We will continue to develop credibility in the community and professionalism that will facilitate our effectiveness.

We will strengthen the diversity of our membership to broaden thinking and interaction and provide comprehensive volunteer representation to the community.

We will provide substantial financial support to increase our overall impact on the community and to address critical needs.


Vision Statement
To be the premier organization to connect and develop women to improve the quality of life in the Dallas community.

Position Statements

Arts and Cultural Enrichment:
The Junior League of Dallas supports efforts to create and enrich the quality of life through arts and cultural enrichment opportunities which are accessible to all members of the community.

The Junior League of Dallas supports efforts to create a greater appreciation and understanding of the value of similarities and differences.

The Junior League of Dallas supports efforts to promote excellence in education and access to education for all individuals.

Family Preservation:
The Junior League of Dallas will foster a greater sense of self-esteem and personal responsibility so that all individuals, families and communities are strengthened.

The Junior League of Dallas supports efforts to promote adequate, accessible, preventive health services for all individuals.

Poverty Intervention:
The Junior League of Dallas supports efforts to meet the needs of the economically disadvantaged and to break the cycle of poverty.

Violence Intervention:
The Junior League of Dallas supports efforts to reduce societal violence and to assist the victims of violence.

The Junior League of Dallas supports and promotes volunteerism as an essential component of our society and will continue to take action which will ensure the effectiveness of the volunteer sector.