2019-2020 LEADERSHIP

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the activities, property and affairs of the Junior League of Dallas (JLD), emphasizing strategic and proactive leadership. The Board sets and revises governing policies and ensures the alignment of the JLD mission and vision at all levels of the organization through policy administration, financial management, strategic planning, operational continuity and public relations.

2019-2020 Board of Directors



Brooke Bailey


Elizabeth Dacus


Admin Vice President
Theresa Remek 


Vice President
Emily Hoad 


Vice President
Christina Eubanks


Vice President
Tandra Allen


Vice President
Jennifer Kirksey

Vice President
Krystle Craycraft

Signature Projects
Vice President

Beth Boyd

Veronica Cartwright


Vice President
Rebecca Hobson


Vice President
Sally Pretorius Hodge


Sustaining Advisor
Meredith Mosley


Photo Credit: Gittings

Leadership Council 

The Leadership Council implements the programs and policies of the Junior League of Dallas. These leaders and their committees govern their respective responsibilities within the policies set by the Board.

2019-2020 Leadership Council

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is comprised of community leaders representing various areas of expertise: health and human services, government, media, business, law and the arts. The CAB provides strategic guidance in assessing community needs and helps communicate the League’s purpose and programs to the community at large.

Mr. Daron Babcock
Mr. Norman P. Bagwell
Ms. Jennifer Chandler
Mr. Brent E. Christopher
Ms. Patti Clapp
Ms. Melissa Corwin
Ms. CeCe Cox
Ms. Trisha Cunningham
Mr. Ruben Esquivel
Ms. Angela Farley
Mrs. Regen Fearon
Ms. Ruth Farrar
Mr. Scott Flannery
Mr. Charles Glover
Ms. Camille Grimes
Ms. Ashlee Kleinert
Ms. Pam Lear
Ms. Noelle LeVeaux
Ms. Sarah Cotton Nelson
Mr. David M. Rosenberg
Ms. Jennifer Sampson
Ms. Nicole Small
Ms. Tracy Steiner
Ms. Paula Strasser
Ms. Amy Tharp
Ms. Roslyn Dawson Thompson
Mr. Crayton Webb



Past Presidents of the Junior League of Dallas

1921-1922    Eva Trezevant O’Neill
1922-1923    Eva Trezevant O’Neill
1923-1924    Effie Bagnell Hughes
1924-1925    Effie Bagnell Hughes
1925-1926    Dorothy Doran Walker
1926-1927    Annette Campbell O’Donnell
1927-1928    Mary Batts Aldredge
1928-1929    Mary Olive Gardere
1929-1930    Jessie B. Schoellkopf
1930-1931    Madie Dealy Moroney
1931-1932    Mary Catterall Swain
1932-1933    Alice Muse Diggs
1933-1934    Johnnie Link Malone
1934-1935    Ethel Townsend Coke
1935-1936    Gertrude Aldredge Shelburne
1935-1936    Anella Slaughter Bauer
1936-1937    Gertrude Aldredge Shelburne
1937-1938    Brooksie Smith Patrick
1938-1939    Brooksie Smith Patrick
1939-1940    Nancy Boggess Seay
1939-1940    Helen Carroll Carter
1940-1941    Helen Carroll Carter
1941-1942    Maxey Carter Reeves
1942-1943    Maxey Carter Reeves
1943-1944    MayBeth Thompson Moore
1944-1945    Isabel Cranfill Campbell
1945-1946    Betty Aldredge Slater
1946-1947    Frances Francis McCord
1947-1948    Betty Moore Chambers
1948-1949    Mary Frances Cunningham Yancey
1949-1950    Betsy Bentley Shapard Yost
1950-1951    Helen Jane Tilley Austin
1951-1952    Margaret Abernathy Pace
1952-1953    Frances Dyckman Newsome
1953-1954    Nancy Old Mercer
1954-1955    “Sugar” Gertrude Bourne Long
1955-1956    Mary Nell Cullum Clampitt
1956-1957    Barbara Browne Martindale
1957-1958    Dorothy Harris Savage
1958-1959    “Dee” Dorothy Dann Collins Torbert
1959-1960    Dorothy “Dot” Long Cousins
1960-1961    Nancy Penn Penson
1961-1962    Ruth Collins Sharp Altshuler
1962-1963    Jane Hargett Waters
1963-1964    Mary Lynn Aldredge McEntire
1964-1965    Kay Harrington Gilbert
1965-1966    Florence “Flo” Leachman Wiedemann
1966-1967    Mary Lou Myers Wiggins
1967-1968    Sally Freeman McKenzie
1968-1969    Sally Muire Wood
1969-1970    Rita Crocker Clements
1970-1971    Paula Meredith Mosle
1971-1972    Joan “Joanie” Matthews Slaughter
1972-1973    Ann Duckett Reed
1973-1974    Sally “Cissie” Edmondson Sparkman
1974-1975    Sissy Wynne Thompson
1975-1976    Linda Harris McElroy Gibbons
1976-1977    Carolyn Burns Foxworth
1977-1978    Pat Brust Deal
1978-1979    Linda Pitts Custard
1979-1980    Gail Meletio Madden
1980-1981    Elizabeth “Libba” Shatto Massey
1981-1982    Peggy Seay Oglesby Allison
1982-1983    Lyda Hill
1983-1984    Nancy Clements Seay
1984-1985    Rue Howell Henry
1985-1986    Janet Kerr Smith
1986-1987    Peggy Anderson Carr
1987-1988    Sally Thompson McPherson
1988-1989    Jennifer Brown Alexander
1989-1990    Betty Waller Martin
1990-1991    Karen Livesay Shuford
1991-1992    Anne Mewhinney Monning
1992-1993    Mary Dennis Henrich
1993-1994    Lydia Haggar Novakov
1994-1995    Janet Baird Quisenberry
1995-1996    Debbie Engstrom Scripps
1996-1997    Debby Shepherd Robinson
1997-1998    Deborah Ethridge Sutton
1998-1999    Connie Blass O’Neill
1999-2000    Helen C. Holman
2000-2001    Rebecca Willey Odlozil
2001-2002    Jan Robinson Baldwin
2002-2003    Deborah LaRash Oates
2003-2004    Mary Denton Meier
2004-2005    Pamela McCreath Perella
2005-2006    Christie Gayden Carter
2006-2007    Lynn Horak McBee
2007-2008    Susan Sander McSherry
2008-2009    Christina Wohlert Norris
2009-2010    Meredith Ford Camp
2010-2011    Leigh Anne Haugh
2011-2012    Susan Wells Jenevein
2012-2013    Aimee Baillargeon Griffiths
2013-2014    Laura Kerwin Johnson
2014-2015    Julie Arens Bagley
2015-2016   Meredith Floyd Mosley
2016 -2017  Bonner Mead Allen
2017-2018   Jennifer Clark Tobin
2018-2019  Alicia Perdue Hall