Centennial 2021-2022



The Junior League of Dallas Centennial Celebration officially kicked off on Tuesday, October 2nd at JLD Headquarters with the announcement of the newly formed JLD Centennial Endowment Foundation! Currently in our 97th year, the centennial will be celebrated in 2021-2022.

As a separate 501(c)3, the new Centennial Endowment’s sole beneficiary is the Junior League of Dallas – specifically for training and support. Such an endowment will mean that eventually every donor dollar raised by the League annually can go to our agencies!

This endowment would not be possible without a lead donor, someone who has a huge heart for the League and understands the power of endowment. Lyda Hill has generously donated $5 million dollars with a challenge grant of an additional $5 million dollars. Her generosity will give the Centennial Committee the leverage to seek other donors to access this dollar-for-dollar match, which will result in a $15 million endowment!

The Centennial Committee has just begun donor conversations to match the additional $5 million dollars, but the committee has already shown its support by having 100% participation by the Endowment Trustees, Centennial Advisors and Centennial Steering Committee members.

Throughout the event, guests viewed the JLD Centennial Celebration logo proudly displayed throughout the room. This logo will be shared on centennial materials and marketed throughout JLD and the City of Dallas as we share our history and legacy. For more than a year, the centennial committee has worked with marketing executive, Dick Mitchell, on creating a JLD Centennial Celebration tag line. Dick Mitchell and his team held a focus group with sustaining and active members, they also reviewed our history and strategic plan when creating, “Legacy of Leadership, Devotion to Dallas, for 100 years.”

This logo honors the thousands of trained volunteers and leaders the League has and continues to produce. Our members not only serve as leaders within the League, but in countless ways as volunteers and professionals throughout the City of Dallas. The Centennial Committee hopes when you see this centennial logo, you will think of all the enormous number of women who have for 100 years worked to make Dallas a great place to live. We hope, too, that you will be proud of our Devotion to Dallas for the NEXT 100 years.

For more information on the Centennial Celebration and the JLD Centennial Endowment Foundation, please contact Centennial Co-Chairs, Andrea Cheek and Margo Goodwin.



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